Michael Eames

49 years old, father of 3, Grandfather of 1

From Chicago, Il Currently in Columbus, Ga

22 year Army combat veteran specializing in small unit strategic operations, planning, and management. Holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing with a minor in management. Certificates in International studies, Google Analytics, AdWords, Search / Display, and Model networks.

Enlisted in the US Army in November 1988 as an 11B Infantryman and attended One Station Unit Training at Ft Benning Ga. where he also attended Airborne School and made his first jump in Jan of 1989. Retired from the military in October 2010

Mike would go on to serve in numerus duty positions and stations both in the US and Overseas Positions include Scout / Sniper, JTF 6 Missions, Pathfinder, Combat Search & Rescue Long Range and Surveillance Detachment, Airborne Instructor, US Army Pathfinder Branch Chief, Adviser in Iraq for Iraqi and Kurdish border forces, (Syrian Border) Counter insurance Operations IQ, Silver Wings Command Exhibition Parachute Team, BN & G3 Air Operations NCOIC

It wasn’t intel 2007 when he would start skydiving with the Silver Wings Command Exhibition Parachute Team and go on to earn his Coach, Pro, AFFI, and Tandem ratings, then continue to obtain his Coach and Tandem Examiner. Currently serves as an AFF evaluator striving to chase down the ever-elusive Accelerated Freefall Instructor Examiner.

He has also had the opportunity to make several memorable jumps over the years, but the top 3 would have to include the 50thAnniversary of Market Garden, (Holland), 65thAnniversary of D-Day (Sainte-Mère-Église France) and of course, his AFF level 5 of the tailgate of a C-17.

Relatively new to world of competition skydiving, Mike is competing in intermediate 4-way RW, (video) and canopy piloting in the FLCPA, training hard and preparing for USPA Nationals in September.

“Gravity has no age limit”


Skydives 5000 +

Demos 150 +



AFFI (Evaluator)

Coach Examiner

Tandem Examiner