Skydiving had change my life and more this year, since I made the decision of becoming a full time skydiver and dedicated my life to it. I being in the sport for almost 7 years now. I started out of high school. At the bugging I never took skydiving serious until 2016 when I decided to travel for skydiving for the first time and going outside of comfort home DZ. I am approaching 1000 jumps and hungry on knowledge and empowering everyone around me to SEND IT!  I have been taking angle free fly camps with Fly 4 Life, free fly over 40+ drop zones. I am also a angle load organizer for Jump 4 Colors Boogie.

Tunnel RAT

I have over 60 plus hours in the tunnel. I had compete beginner and intermediate dynamic and VFS. I won 2 place 2 years ago at 4 way open at Sky Venture New Hampshire. I am even pushing it hard this year and being relentless throughout to inspire others that nothing is impossible! Everyone can do it, so I am willing to share all my knowledge and skills in order for us to fly and spend having a good time together.

Fixed-Wing Pilot (Commercial Rating)

I had my instrument license when I was 19 years old, and commercial rating when I was 21. I also have aerobatic training which lead me to the world of skydiving. It was a humbling journey, it was great to be diverse in the aviation world, and now I am grateful that my body is my own fuselage.

Speed Flying

I love going fast, specially under the canopy. Speed flying some call it swooping, but being one with nature and the more closer you get to those terrain in the big mountains, it just feels like nirvana. Majority of my flights had being base in California and Utah. Playing on expended more and head to Europe for more training. I want to thank you to my coach, the legend TJ Landgren.


BASE jumping is amazing. I have over 70 + plus basejumps. I cannot say much to this because there are no enough words that can explain it, but thank you coach Sean Chuma.


I have been flocking for 2 years and still loving the art of human flight.


Love the outdoors and snowboarding have being my best friend when it comes to that. I have done a few backcountry runs and I have being in over 20 deference ski mountains.


I have been kiteboarding for 3 years and I have competed in a few small freestyle competition back in the Dominican Republic. I currently learning to kite surf and start competing hopefully next years.


Highlight: I met a random asian dude, he calls himself Dumpling and I am glad we got to kn0w each other now, we are reaching out to people and sharing our journeys with others. He is the most random dude I have ever known that is full of passion and sometimes insanely retarded, but he always preaches “don’t forget where you came from and just be honest about everything, because no matter how hard you try you will always have a hater. Just keep moving forward.” Now, we call each others, skyfam, and a team. Thank you Generosity Mutual for believing in me.