BLUE NILE – Ethiopia, July 2017

1stdescent female kayaker

Exploring the true source of the Nile River, we descended 696 km of the river. The Blue Nile has only a handful of partial descents dating back to the first attempts in the 50s. Undesirable wildlife and issues with locals have dissuaded many from kayaking the Grand Canyon of the Nile and its deepest gorges. Our expedition was the first since 2004. Interest was sparked as the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is being built. Our hope is to bring attention to the negative impacts of this dam and delay its production.

RIO USUMACINTA –Mexico, Guatemala, December 2015

1stdecent after a decade

The Rio Usumacinta is the most voluminous river in all of Mexico and Central America and forms the border between Mexico and Guatemala. This river was not paddled for about ten years due to bandito threats and an unfortunate attack on a trip. The purpose of this expedition was to reestablish desire to kayak the Grand Canyon of the Maya. Increasing interest in this river again will help curb the current desire to dam the river for hydroelectric power.

CASCADES DE AGUA AZUL– Chiapas, Mexico, December 2015

The Cascades de Agua Azul is a gorgeous travertine class IV-V gorge. Its remoteness and challenging whitewater make it a rare privilege to paddle.

RIO MARANON–Peru, June 2012

2ndcomplete descent

1stdescent female kayaker

The Rio Maranon in Peru is the source and headwaters of the Amazon River. I kayaked 680 km assisting Rocky Contos in the first complete decent from the rivers most distant source. I was the first female kayaker to attempt and complete a descent of the River. Our expedition utilized maps and GPS devices to create a logistical footprint of the river. We also classified and named the rapids. During the 26 days I spent on the river, we gained knowledge and insight of seven dams that were planned to be constructed along the river. This expedition allowed us to bring awareness of the repercussions of the dam on the environment and people of Peru. We were able to document the negative impact they would have and share our information with International Rivers and other sources of support against the dams. Currently our efforts have resulted in the postponed construction of the dams.


Grand Canyon, AZ March 2018

Cheat Canyon, WV, Upper Gauley, WV, Lower Gauley, WV, Dryway, MA, Westwater Canyon, CO, Poudre Canyon, CO, Arkansas River, CO, Browns Canyon, Co, Tallulah Gorge, GA, Ocoee River, TN, Watauga River, NC, Cheoah River, NC, Upper Youghiogheny, MD, Top Youghiogheny, PA, Middle Youghiogheny, PA, Big Sandy, PA, Rapid River, Maine, Bulls Bridge, Housatonic, CT, New Haven Ledges, VT, New River, WV



2ndplace 4-way intermediate

3rdplace 8-way intermediate


3rdplace 4-way formation

During a 4-way competition, each team competes in ten rounds. On each jump, the four flyers perform a sequence of five or six freefall formations as many times as they can in 35 seconds, while the team’s camera flyer records all of the moves for judging. Each formation is worth a point.


16-way formation 3-point sequential

I led, organized and then participated in setting the state record. Sixteen women were selected to participate in the record attempt. The attempt was reached on the first try from an altitude of 12,700 feet.


2rdplace 4-way formation


Over 850 Jumps

Invited to participate in the North Carolina Women’s State Record attempt July 2017

Invited to participate in the Illinois Women’s State Record August 2017.

Participation in monthly Indoor Cloud League 4-way formation international tunnel competition

Training to compete in Canopy Piloting

Director of Carolina Skydiving League 4-way competition

Part of the 2019 North Carolina 100-way State Record Attempt


Krabi, Thailand- December 2017- Climbing in one of the most desired climbing areas in the world

Over 500 hours instructing

Rocks for Research event coordinator 2013, 2014


Red River Gorge, KY, Gunks, NY, Lovers Leap, CA, Linville Gorge, NC, New River Gorge, WV