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Built solely for canopy piloting competition, the Peregrine pushes the limits of what is possible in canopy flight. It is an ultra-high performance canopy, designed for top tier competitive canopy pilots. Utilizing the Schuemann wing planform technology, new materials and enhanced aerodynamics, we’ve created a wing that continues to dominate the podium.

The Peregrine is for:

  • Only sub-terminal deployments used in canopy piloting competitions
  • Active and seasoned competitive canopy pilots who have mastered their skills on other cross-braced canopies and are looking for the next step up
  • Competitive canopy pilots with strong skill sets and ability to consistently perform well with their existing cross-braced wing in a competition setting

For an “everyday use” canopy that is great for terminal jumps, camera flying, and weekend skydiving, we recommend the Valkyrie.
The Peregrine is not available through our PD dealer network. For more information about the Peregrine, please contact or call +1.386.738.2224.


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