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The Comet is a hybrid model, family of the Cosmo but with some differences in looks and options. The Comet has a bit more shoulder articulation and is available with the M&M cut.

Girls love this! Any experience level can feel comfortable flying in the tunnel or even take it to the sky. It is recommend to be only on a tapered cut but we can customize the fit for you if you think you need a little more power. The fitted design looks and feels awesome giving you great articulation in all the necessary areas.

Made with a base of 4-ply Taslon in a wide variety of colors, neoprene collar, shoulders, elbows, thighs, knees, center back, crotch and laterals for great flexibility. You can add athletic mesh and other extra options like, Cordura knees and butt, magnetic chest flap, clean cut leg cuffs, etc.

THIS MODEL IS AVAILABLE IN: • Hybrid Standard Suit • Hybrid Shorty Suit

• Hybrid Standard Suit: Great for the tunnel & great for the sky. This suit offers full shoulder articulation, allowing a tight fit with full flexibility of your upper body. The M&M option allows a skin tight fit with great flexibility. Girls dig the M&M cut. Although a unisex model, the Comet is the favorite among girls, any experience level flyer can feel comfortable flying in the tunnel but many people love it in the sky as well. This model is also available in a shorty version.
(Only available in tapered cut)
NOTE: Hybrid model. Fit varies when you use it with or without a container, Having a container might pull up the legs and torso making the suit shorter and cordura knees will be out of place.

• Hybrid Shorty Suit: the Comet Shorty is the same exact cut as the Sky / Tunnel Version but with sleeves just above the elbow and leg length down to the Calf.
(Only available in tapered cut)


Tapered Cut: Very fitted cut all around the body. The arms and legs have some room for drag, don’t think its a lot, when we say tapered we mean tapered. Not recommended to wear thick layers under this suit. Only Lycra under layer is recommended. Keep in mind that we cannot go super tight at the cuff area because you still need to fit your foot thru the hole, the tighter the harder it is to fit.



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