As crazy it sounds, I started skydiving almost 3 years now. I got out from the service; US Army. I was in college at that time, I remember watching Alter Ego on, I didn’t really know who they were. It was a man on a blue cool uniform flying so fast 5 feet above the ground then a woman with pink skydiving suit. I didn’t even know they were together or in a relationship. Suffering from PTSD, anxiety and all sorts of disabilities from the service, not to mention all the abuse when I was a child appeared right in front of me at the moment of my life. So I keep watching and decided to call a drop zone and sign up for accelerated free fall (AFF) course. When I move back to New Jersey, it was last year, I can never forget I saw it on Skydive Cross Keys that they were doing a canopy course. I signed up, it was my 186 jumped. During the introduction of the course I think I was the youngest jumper of the class if not the second. I was flying my saber 2 170 with my cookie g3, Viso altimeter, such a noob. I am not going to lie, I was so star strucked, I mean, “I am getting coach by the world champions the skydiving industry!?” I still can’t fathom I met them that day. I’m not going to lie, I still didn’t know how to pack. Curt approached me and jokingly said “you should get a smaller canopy” I just smirked, ’cause really I still didn’t know if he was being sarcastic or not. I mean it was a swooping course. Anyways, I have followed them, traveled around, chasing them to learn how to swoop, and now I still don’t know how to swoop. LMFAO!

Until one day, I just couldn’t take it anymore I asked them for a meeting, they acknowledge me, “butterflies in my stomach” as gay or cliche or people say you’re a faggot by saying that. I do not care, because I can say it with pride that I have the best canopy pilot coaches in the world; The Alter Ego Project, it is Curt and Jeannie Bartholomew. Looking back, I see them on tv swooping the fuck out of that water, entering the gates and excuse for my language, because I do not care about being politically correct. I am just excited and ecstatic writing about this and sharing it to others and hopefully I can inspire new jumpers like me.

During the meeting, I shared Generosity Mutual with them, I guess they like the idea, but really Generosity Mutual just cares about growing the sport. Long story short, they are the reason why I created this company. Now, we work with them, they are our coaches and at the same time inspiration, and I still get star struck when I see them even during canopy course. They are super heroes to me!

Congrats Jeannie and Curt for the W!

Generosity Mutual is so proud for the both of you, take care, keep sending it, Blueskies and Pinkskies!


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