Humble Beginnings

My dad taught me to always look back where I came from and use it as my motivation to grow and make others grow with me. I don’t know what success is until now because it can mean alot of things, alot of opinions from other people, multiple criticism and sarcasms. However, one thing I know is my very grateful, I became happy again and making the community excited and motivated. I see people’s faces with a smile on their face. I came from a very humble beggining. Not alot of people know because I waa not confident, we were very poor, and my dad keepa telling me just have self integrity and you will have a capability to make others grow with you. I still dont know what that means, but coming from this to now even though I am not a millionaire, but life is a story. A story that you can be your own author. Empower yourself and others and never stop until you finish your mission or reach your goal. Im not there yet but the vision is there, the just a little thing but it is something. From a hut to a happy skydiver. A happy person that’s creating something to help others, making them smile. Putting a smile on someone’s face is an accomplishment for me, I hope that’s what my dad meant. If not, it’s still okay as long as I know I’m making people smile and not hurting others.