Marc Luo

Owner/Share Holder

Marc Luo, 20 years old, attends in Fordham University, New York

“I don’t really talk much, I just do it!”

Arlan Quisido aka “DUMPLING”


Arlan Quisido came into United States of America when he was 11 years and oldand travelled to 23 different counties. He grew up really poor, used to lived in a hut in the slums of the south of the Philippines. He then joined the service at the age of 21 after graduating from high school with honors. He is a United States  Army Veteran. He earned 3 degrees after service Non-destructive Testing graduate with honors, BS Dual Major in Airport and Airline Management graduate with honors Magna Cum Laude

Sponsored GoPro Athlete @GoPro #GoPro #HERO 

“Good leader have vision and inspire others to help them turn vision into reality” 

Nica Silva

Chief Financial Officer/CFO

Nica Silva, 23 years old, active duty in the United States Army. A very hard working woman, she also came from the Philippines. She started to work on her own when she was only 9 years old. She grew up very poor as well, but that did not stop her from success.

“Keep moving forward, never give up, because good karma will always come back. Charge hard!”